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Brendon Bairstow

Art. Space. Self

This is what I live and breathe for. My animus. It is what makes me tick. More than anything else, these activities give expression to the love I have for the people around me.

I’m a visual artist, husband, father, space clearer, inner wellbeing promoter, and student of life.

My interests are many and varied, from the arts to the metaphysical, from analysing the way people think to helping them give of their very best selves. My desire to grow and learn has taken me down various paths to bring me to a space where I am content and satisfied, though my love of life and desire to learn will always take me to newer and higher levels of being.

What you see on this site is me.


I am deeply inspired by nature and the elements. The way energy transforms from one state to another fascinates me. Water, in particular, has captivated me since childhood—not only physically but also spiritually. I work predominantly in oils, and the way this medium catches the light and fills the eye with detail and texture never gets old for me. This work reflects my inner journey towards self-realisation.



I am interested in how our physical environments influence our psychological well-being, and have explored the psychology of space for most of my adult life. To create harmonious spaces, I integrate Feng Shui, Western Geomancy and Space Clearing, further incorporating contemporary vibrational healing methods with traditional earth energy principles.



I am not a healer. I’m simply the mediator between your conscious self and your own higher consciousness. After exploring various energy medicine modalities, particularly vibrational healing and Reiki, I’ve developed an intuitive methodology that allows me to concentrate on your individual needs. This unstructured process takes place in a safe environment, which allows you to relax fully into your journey of self-healing.




Please feel free to drop me a line for further information on my art or other services.  
Thank you
– Brendon Bairstow

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