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I was drawn to the notion of how our physical environments impact our overall well-being while studying Psychology and Interior Design. A book on Feng Shui crossed my path and resonated at a deep level as I began to explore the psychology of space. 



I studied energy medicine in the United Kingdom. Here I learned to integrate Feng Shui principles, Western Geomancy and Space Clearing techniques. On my return to South Africa, I began to incorporate contemporary vibrational healing methods with traditional earth energy principles to create harmonious spaces.


Space Clearing

This ancient art is practised by many traditional cultures around the world. It is used to clear spaces at an energetic level, especially after intense, traumatic, or negative events.

Feng Shui

This is also known as Chinese Geomancy. The objective is to establish harmony and balance between ourselves and our surroundings by pinpointing the flow of energy and optimising positive aspects and correcting negative features.

Western Geomancy

This method of divination is used to interpret the subtle balance of energies between land and water in a given location, and the direct impact this has on human life.


Space Clearing

I invite clients to clearly define the purpose and desired outcomes of the Space Clearing session. Drawing from a variety of traditional and contemporary modalities, I address the subtle energy imbalances within each given environment. This is often related to predecessor energy, geopathic stress, or disturbed earth energies.

Feng Shui

I invite clients to review their aspirations. Together, we analyse the natural energies of the external environment, and enhance the flow of energy through placement and design. The adjustments made within the external space then act as a catalyst for internal and external transformation.

From Previous Clients

Brendon is a multitalented Feng Shui practitioner with the intuitive ability to clear negative or damaging energy from spaces. On more than one occasion, he has improved the flow inside my home dramatically and cleared unwelcome energies. This improved the quality of my life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Both my previous two homes have been cleared of past energy prior to my family moving in.

I loved the way Brendon included me in this process, with our home feeling like ‘ours ‘ afterwards. Setting the intention for those who enter and what our space is to be used for is still tangible and playing out five years later. Our home feels safe and nurturing, a non-judgmental space for all who enter to experience fun, creativity and joy. Thank you.

It has been my pleasure to work with Brendon as a Feng Shui and Space Clearing practitioner. His natural attunement, coupled with his appreciation for balance and beauty make him an ideal choice for any Feng Shui assignment. He has in-depth knowledge on the subject—I learned a great deal from him.

Please drop me a line directly for more information or any questions you may have.