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I was brought up in a family that embraced spirituality and, as such, exposed to the idea of the unseen realm from an early age. So I’ve always been interested in complementary methods to allow an individual to return to a state of wholeness and balance. 



On my return from studying Feng Shui and Space Clearing in the United Kingdom, I explored various energy medicine modalities, with a particular focus on vibrational healing and Reiki. Over the years, I’ve created an intuitive methodology that allows me to focus on the individual needs of my clients. 



Essentially, I follow an unstructured approach during my sessions, creating a safe environment for clients to fully relax into the process of self-healing. I do not consider myself a healer. Instead, I am a mediator between the client’s conscious self and their own higher consciousness. 

From Clients

I had the privilege to intuit Brendon’s Soul Mandala.

I was truly astounded by the depth of wisdom and compassion it disclosed, at the most profound level of his being.

He has a powerful healing gift, as well as an innate sense of order. One that he uses for the benefit of humanity.

Brendon’s system of healing incorporates a blend of Reiki and sound treatment, using an uncanny, intuitive ability to get to the heart of things.

I have personally enjoyed physical benefits and derived emotional equilibrium from these multidimensional treatments. Do yourself a favour!

I had my first session in 2015 and experienced a massive awakening that changed the course of my life. Brendon is gentle, grounded and poised. He creates an amazingly safe and loving container for this experience, one that left me feeling completely blissed out.

An incredible experience (somewhat difficult to put into words), subtle yet profound. I felt both healed and blessed. It affected me in ways I still probably don’t fully understand, but I do know this: that which was blocked was cleared.  I felt it.

I admire Brendon’s holistic approach when working with clients, always feeling safe in his judgment and skill as a healing facilitator.

He has a natural gift to sense subtle energies and an appreciation for the sacred. This allows him to direct each session with an innate confidence, while respecting the unique needs of each individual client.

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