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I paint because I have to. The inner voice compelling me to do so is simply too powerful to ignore. What I know as an artist today I’ve learned the hard way—by trial and error. Working mostly in oils, I love the idea of simplifying a concept into its most basic forms of light and texture.



I had the pleasure of learning from well-known South African artist Henry Symonds, who delighted in sweeping dramatic swathes of black paint all over my work. He said I needed a good kick out of my comfort zone. I’m glad he kicked my butt.


My deepest inspiration comes from nature and the elements. I’m fascinated by the way energy transforms from one state to another. Water, in particular, has captivated me since childhood—not only physically but also spiritually. 


I worked in mixed media and acrylic at first, making large, multi-layered pieces, but once I discovered oils, I was hooked. The way oils catch the light and fill the eye with detail, not to mention texture, never gets old for me. My work has become a reflection of my inner journey towards self-realisation.



I paint emotive works that touch people, each telling its own story. Movement and fluidity are important to me, so I aim to capture these in each brush stroke—layer upon layer. My work represents a complex inner life, rich in wonder and strength, sometimes doubt and despair. My wish is that these works will inspire and embolden those who see them to fully immerse themselves into their own lives.


Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d one day be painting landscapes. But I’ve come to love simplifying an image or concept into its most basic forms, adding layers and depth as the work progresses.



Water has captivated me since childhood. I’m also a Feng Shui practitioner, having studied the craft for four years at Feng Shui Network International in the United Kingdom. The notion of painting koi fish derives from this area of activity. Koi symbolise luck, prosperity, and good fortune in Japan. Painting them is an effort to capture their movement.


Some people think the crow signals bad luck and death. Not so. For me, the crow signifies the magic and mysteries of life. Yet others believe it symbolises intelligence, flexibility, and destiny. My interpretation is captured in my work.




I love to create bespoke pieces of art. Although I can’t recreate an existing piece, I’ll work with you to capture the spirit of what you admire. The joy of commissioned art lies in the fact that the work is dedicated to you and your space.

From Clients

I had the privilege of watching Brendon’s painting come to life, marvelling as each layer unfolded. It took time, many strokes and much passion. It won my heart. I had to have it. 

I look at it often, each time experiencing something different. It speaks to me, telling me secrets I never knew existed. Ever present. Ever comforting. Salute. Thank you.

I am lucky enough to own two of Brendon’s art pieces. His work speaks to me, cutting through to a layer of myself not easily accessed by conversation alone. I love this about his work.

Besides being skillfully created, they are potent and highly effective at impacting the viewer.

I have had the privilege to witness the development of Brendon’s art for well more than a decade. From his first koi fish painting, off-roading along a darker period, back to koi, and reaching way beyond to landscapes recently, his work shows an aesthetic and depth of vision that reflects other aspects of a multi-talented, intuitive artist who fully engages with multiple layers of spiritual, mental and physical life.

Please drop me a line directly for more information. Worldwide shipping available