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From Previous Clients

I had the privilege of watching Brendon’s painting come to life, marvelling as each layer unfolded. It took time, many strokes and much passion. It won my heart. I had to have it. 

I look at it often, each time experiencing something different. It speaks to me, telling me secrets I never knew existed. Ever present. Ever comforting. Salute. Thank you.

I am lucky enough to own two of Brendon’s art pieces. His work speaks to me, cutting through to a layer of myself not easily accessed by conversation alone. I love this about his work.

Besides being skillfully created, they are potent and highly effective at impacting the viewer.

I have had the privilege to witness the development of Brendon’s art for well more than a decade. From his first koi fish painting, off-roading along a darker period, back to koi, and reaching way beyond to landscapes recently, his work shows an aesthetic and depth of vision that reflects other aspects of a multi-talented, intuitive artist who fully engages with multiple layers of spiritual, mental and physical life.

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